Anderson Family Chiropractic

Experience the Gonstead Difference

Anderson Family Chiropractic is a FAMILY oriented practice that welcomes people of all ages, with all types of health concerns. 

Welcome to our practice!

Drs. JaDean, Alisha, and Brandan are known and respected by patients, chiropractors, and other doctors throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area. If you are looking to reduce pain or improve your quality of life, look no further. Wellness advice and nutritional counseling are also available.

If you have been referred to see one doctor or the other, be assured that you will receive the same high quality care from any one of the doctors you choose and will gain from the benefit of their combined knowledge. All three doctors follow the same procedures and share the same caring approach. Remember, they are each-other's doctors too!

About us

  • We are proud to serve Fargo, North Dakota and the surrounding areas.
  • Our goal is to work towards each patient's optimal health through natural healthcare.
  • We take pride in our office and the quality of care we provide to our community. 

4132 30th Ave , Suite 102
Fargo, ND 58104

(701) 241-7737